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Making your business stand out in the digital age

Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, Solid Imagination specialises in designing, developing and delivering your brand through the Internet. Not only do we make sure your website looks good but we make sure it is easy to use and people can find it.

Quality priced to suit you

Not everyone is a multi-millionaire and not every organisation is thriving. That is why we assess your business needs and circumstances and come up with a package that is right for you. Also, we won't try to sell you things you don't need; so if you ask us just to SEO your site and the design of it is already up to standard then we won't try to sell you a full overhaul.

Conversions, search results, design … whatever you need

Some businesses don't show up on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If you are having this problem then we can help. Other companies may find that people are getting to their site but not staying long or purchasing products/services. If you need help with such conversion rate problems then just ask. And then there are sole-traders and businesses small and large that simply are not online yet and we can assist there too.

Search engine optimisation … be found

By using proven methods to boost your site's ranking on search engines, Solid Imagination can increase traffic flowing to your website. As specialists, we know that a lot of work can be done without even changing your webpages' appearance but a more thorough approach may require some tweaking to make the most of your site.

Converting visitors into customers

It's all well and good being top of Google's search results but that means nothing if people aren't staying and using your business. We can tweak or redesign your site to make it user-friendly and drive potential customers to where you want them to be.

Always evolving and forever changing

The methods used by search engines to index your pages are always changing as they seek to optimise and provide the best possible results. That is why we are constantly learning new techniques to improve your placement. Asking Solid Imagination to improve your SEO does not mean that we'll "give it the once over" and then leave it to rot while other sites overtake you in the rankings. We can be with you to constantly tweak and support your site over time ensuring that you stay recognised and visible to potential visitors.

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords

To give your site that instant boost we can work with your advertising budget to get you to your clients as quickly as possible. By using advertising services such as Google Adwords we can create pay-click campaigns that will get you noticed.

Designed with both brains and beauty - practical, attractive websites

So many sites put looks first at the expense of usability and often the easiest-to-use sites are the ugliest. At Solid Imagination we believe that an easy-to-use website can look good too. By seperating the design from the content in our code, we can optimise the user interface without skimping on the visuals.

Cutting edge techniques but not forgetting about older browsers

The emergence of interactive web content and new features such as embedded fonts and curved boxes means that the web is looking better than ever without adding huge downloads onto pages. However, we know that a lot of people out there are still using older browsers that don't support these technologies or may have others disabled. That's why websites built by Solid Imagination are able to adapt on older browsers so that they will still see an attractive and easy to use site, albeit minus a few bells and whistles.

Web 2.0 - RSS news feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and more

The web has changed a lot over the past decade and we now see the rise of web services and social media. Solid Imagination can provide and maintain your presence on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word about your organisation. If your business/community passes Wikipedia's strict regulations, we can also set up and look after your presence on there. We can enable RSS news feeds both to and from your site and integrate web services such as Google Maps and Google Calendar into the user experience.

Working within the Disability Discrimination Act … it's the law

Companies are now finding themselves in court because their websites are not usable by disabled visitors such as the blind. All websites designs and built by Solid Imagination work to the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines to ensure that your web presence meets the requirements as laid out by the Disability Discrmination Act.

Opening up new markets

In the early 2000s, Tesco overhauled their website to meet DDA requirements. Not only did this avoid them facing legal bills but they also saw their turnover increase as a result of disabled users being able to use their services. Do you really want to reduce your potential client-base and risk criminal proceedings? Let us help make your website just that little bit better to make everyone's life a little easier.

An accessible site is a Google-friendly site
(and other search engines will like it too!)

One of the key things about accessible websites is that they are machine-readable so that screen-readers and other tools can process them. The great thing is that the "bots" and "spiders" that the search engines use to catalogue pages into their indexes is that they are machines too! That means that if a site is accessible then these webcrawlers will have no difficulty extracting the information from your webpages.

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